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Cut Resistant anti Vibration 'Soft Turtle Shell' Gloves

Nautilus Safety CE Europe
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Cut Resistant anti Vibration 'Soft Turtle Shell' Gloves
Spec Sheets

Model No: NAUTILUS Cut Resistant anti Vibration 'Soft Turtle Shell' Gloves

Features : Innovation intertwined with safety. This glove is intertwined tightly knit with strong yet extremely dexterous fibers that offer industryleading cut protection and abrasion resistance. A seamless series that answers the call of duty for most jobs, these high-comfort knit gloves feature consistent sizing and fit across the line, with a variety of palm coatings. The unique premium TPR process not only makes our gloves high competitive in price but can be widely applied for sanitation, maintenance, wood / metal working, construction, oil, gas and mining sites.

BALLISTEK Engineered Yarn. This is a blend of Stainless Steel Yarn and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) with Fibreglass and other synthetic fibre which provides extremely high cut resistance while maintaining superior tactile flexibility.

This provides the gloves a high level of dexterity.

The seamless woven fabrication provides wicking and ventilation but leaves no areas for stitches opening up.The finger tips can be coated for touch screen capability but are normally coated with a sandy nitrile coating which provides excellent grip on dry, wet and oily surfaces with abrasion resistance.

The glove with liner passed with a level of A6 in cut resistance tests for ANSI 105, and the liner itself Grade F for the EN 13997 highest cut resistance.

They also passed at level 4 for other three sectors Abrasion, Tear Resistance and Puncture Resistance in EN 388 and EN 13594

So we opted not to re-test for cut resistance or for EN 388. This is why the glove is marked with A6 and an X in 4X44F