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STDY 2048 Over Spectacles

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STDY 2048 Over Spectacles
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STDY 2048 Over Spectacles

 Model:    STDY 2048 Over Spectacles

  • Bigger size of over spectacle, will accommodate all kinds of prescription frames
  • Suitable for both women & men, light weight and comfortable
  • Full front, side and top protection including three lens coating options: non-coated, anti-scratch coated and anti-fog coatedNon-coated model can be used as throw away visitor spectacle
  • 99.9% of harmful UV light can be blocked through the optical class one lens
    Perfect and useful protective eyewear with high velocity impact resistance
    General Specifications
    Lens Thickness     : 2.15mm
    PD                              : 68mm
    Lens Base               : 1.75 curve
    Weight                      : 47.9gm
    Lens Size Vertical  : 61mm
    Lens Size Diagonal : 149mm
    Bridge                        : 32mm
    Temple Length (lens-tips)    : 155mm
    Overall Width (hinge-hinge)   : 150mm
    Closest Point Between Lens  : N/A
    Closest Point Between Temple Tips  : 111mm

    Lens Options  : *Clear, amber, smoke, greenntinted lens

    Lens   : Polycarbonate Full front to side protection with brow bar
    Frame   : Polycarbonate Integral to lens
    Side Shields  : N/A
    Nose Piece  : Polycarbonate Integral to lens
    Sleeve  : N/A
    Temple   : Polycarbonate Wide spatula with side protection
    Hinge   : Polycarbonate Snap in, two pins
    Screw   : N/A
  • Standards -  ANSI Z87.1, CE EN166
  • Packing Details:
    Quantity : 12pcs in a Box & 25 Box in a Carton ( 300pcs in Carton)
    Dimension of Carton: 87.0cm X 35cm X 53cm
    Weight : Approx 17kg