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Powered Fresh Air System

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Powered Fresh Air System
Spec Sheets

Powered Fresh Air System

Maximum Hose Length
up to 40 metres (using a single hose or via a Hose Adapter to connect a maximum of 2 hoses)
Number of users per system - 2
Air Supply Method
Positive Pressure (electrically driven turbine)
System Parts:
Full Face Mask (Silicone) and Twin Air Hose (with overflow valve assembly)
Belt with Hose Connector (complete with comfort pad)
10 metre Air Delivery Hose assembly
Heavy Duty Storage case (Polypropylene)
Mini Turbine 110V a.c. (240V a.c. with M26/500/EURO)
Mini Turbine:
Voltage: 110V a.c. or 240V a.c. (for 2 pin European connection)
Typical Air Flow: variable - user adjustable (250 - 600 l/min)
Enclosure Protection: IP54

Caution: This system is NOT ATEX (explosion proof) and MUST NOT be used in an explosive atmosphere. For that we have the non-powered system or the system must be placed outside the explosive atmosphere and air supplied through the extended hose

Equally important: the system MUST be placed in an area with the course of fresh unpolluted air. Putting it in a Petroleum Tank for instance means supplying the user with air contaminated with petroleum fumes!!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- How often do we need to change the filter/nozzle after use and others spare parts?
The Gross filter of the mini turbine is not required to be substituted. It can be washed manually.
Only if it gets broken by damage during washing or deteriorates with age it could need to be replaced.
This filter is just a gross filter and designed to stop little stones or creatures! Is not even a respiratory protection P1 filter.

Q- What is the routine maintenance required for the system

The only real maintenance is for the valves of the mask that should be substituted after 1 or 2 years depending on frequency of use or deterioration during storage.
The system should be wiped clean after each used and stored in a cool dry space away from exposure to UV rays to enhance the shelf life.

Q - How do we clean the equipment after use? Is it included in the instructions notice which will be given with the goods?
Yes full instruction are attached in the pdf file. It may be an old version but essentially is still OK

Q - Do we need to order additional 20m and 40m hoses separately?
Yes the unvented kit 450 is 9m and the vented kit is 10 m, so to get to 20 m you need to buy the connector Hose Connector which are supplied in 10m lengths
to connect hoses up to a maximum of 40 metres.

Q- Is the turbine 110 V Explosion proof (designed to be used in flammable areas) ?

Warning the mini turbine is not ATEX , and can not be use in explosive environment.
To supply air to an area with explosive fumes the turbine must be placed in the open air where there is PURE NON CONTAMINATED AIR and no risk of concentration of explosive gases.

The turbine can not be placed in a petroleum tank, not only because risk of explosion but also because the air would not be pure/breathable!!!!
For use in the vicinity of an explosive environment, like just outside a Diesel tank only the non powered system (9m hose + maximum another 10 m hose) can be used, but even there the air quality MUST be monitored for the safety of the user to ensure that only pure uncontaminated air is being supplied.

Q-Is the system supplied with desired electric supply for the motor?

Yes, the system can be supplied for used with 110 V AC or 240V AC as desired