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Anti Fog Lens coating & Maintenance

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Anti Fog Lens coating & Maintenance
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Anti Fog Lens coating & Maintenance


Our anti fog lens also provides adequate scratch-resistant ability in general use. The PC lens becomes scratch and fog resistant after the anti fog coating process.
If we go further into the differences in terms of the coating hardness between AF and HC lens, here are some concrete numbers by quantifying the scratch resistance level.
The numbers are tested by our factory in-house device as shown in the PDF file. The scratch resistance levels are as follows for your comparison:
a). Anti Fog lens: 80 ~100 grams
b). Hard Coat lens: 150 ~ 180 grams

*Non-coated lens is about 10 grams
**This is our internal quality control system, not required by ANSI or CE standards.

What's more, in some extreme working environments, our lens still shows its best C/P (cost/performance) value.
For example, from an air-conditioned warehouse at 20° Celsius degree (or lower) to the outside at 30° Celsius degree, an uncoated lens would usually fog up due to humidity and transition through different temperatures.
However, our anti fog coated lens would perform fog resistance both inside and outside of the lens surface.
The marketplace often writes AF lens as AF/HC lens because AF lens also has the feature of anti scratch. So it is true that AF lens is also HC (Hard Coated).
It is MOST important to read the tag for care and maintenance of the Anti Fog coating to ensure a long performance life for the coating