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Spec Sheets


General Specifications

Colour: Green
Packaging: 15pcs in a Box & 32 Box in a Carton. Dimension of Carton: 59cm X 53cm X 47cm Weight: Approx 15kg
Construction: Modern Ultrasonic welding technology forms composite filter without needle holes. - High Technology Filter media with micro fine fibers & electro static charge. - Outer cover web sheds minimum lint. - In different colors to suit working environment.
Breathing Resistance: eInnhalation- 1)@30 Ipm< 70 Pa.2. @95 Ipm< 240 Pa.- Exhalation- @160Ipm< 300 Pa.
Filtering Efficiency: Filters> 94% of solid & liquid particles. Nominal Protection Factor - 12 x O.E.L. (NPF) Assigned protection factor - 10 x O.E.L. (APF)
Standards: Complies EC type test requirement based on EN 149: 2001 by European notified body, BGIA (0121) , Germany. - In house batch tested for critical performance requirements.

Important & Statutory Instructions

Important: Fitting instruction to be followed each time respirator in use. - Failure to follow all use instructions and limitation on the use of this respirator and / or failure to wear this respirator during all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and result in sickness or death. - Do not use for protection against Gases, Vapour, or in atmospheres containing less than 17 % oxygen. - Use condition: Not against particles of Carcinogenic and Radioactive substances, micro-organisms (Viruses, Bacteria and fungus) and Enzymes.
Protection: -Solid particles and non oil based liquid particle from spray - tested for mean particle size of 0.6 microns. - Liquid and oil based particles - tested for mean particle size of 0.4 microns. - Nuisance level organic vapor for removal of odours.

Advantages & Benefits

Comfort Fold Flat Style, light weight, and large surface area.
- Easy to store.
- Speech communication possible. Suits long duration wear.
- Light weight provides greater work comfort, suits longer duration of
- Easily worn with other face / head PPE's.

One way Exhalation vent valve exhales moist high C02 content,
provides better breathing comfort.
- Promotes easy communication.
First & Unique Adjuster beads gives snug fit yet relives strap pressure.
- Sewn does not snap / break, no metal fasteners.
- Braided elastic, high skin comfort while in use in tough conditions.
High strength Nose clip gives desired fit.
Colour coded Fittings to denote the level of protection.
- Hygienic Individually packed.
- Convenient dispenser pack.
- Multilingual instruction for correct wearer acceptance


Battery, Brazing & Working with Molten Metals,
Cement, Ceramics, Coal Industries, Construction,
Distillation & Breweries, Drilling, Dyes &
Dyestuffs, Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metallurgical
industries, Fertilizer, Foundries, Glass Etching,
Grinding, Leather Tanning, Paper processing,
Paint & Pigments, Power generation,
Petrochemicals, Printing, Sand blasting, Sanding,
Soldering, Textile, Tyre, Tobaccoprocessing,etc.