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Molded Grating

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Molded Grating
Spec Sheets
  • Combining unmatched corrosion resistance with strength, long life and safety, Fibergrate sets the standard for fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) molded products. With more than ten custom resins, Fibergrate products are proven to deliver years of reliable service, even in the most demanding corrosiveconditions — conditions which cause conventional metallic and wood productsto deteriorate rapidly.
  • Fibergrate products are lightweight and easy to fabricate. Savings on labor and equipment often make the total installed cost of Fibergrate products comparable to that of steel. Combining these installation savings with low maintenance, long life and worker safety, Fibergrate products offer a life cycle cost that is signifi cantly lower than that of metallic products. Fibergrate's molded grating lines include Fibergrate® and Chemgrate® molded grating for most applications, Fibergrate®molded high load capacity grating for H-20 and forklift traffi c,Micro-Mesh® access flooring, AirMesh® screening and Multigrid® grating. For applications requiring a solid walkway,Fibergrate carries Fiberplate® and Chemplate® structural fl oor panels aswell as Chemdeck® and Fibergrate® covered grating. Stair solutions include Fibertred® and Chemtred® stair treads panels for industrial and commercial use, covered stair treads for architectural applications and  stair tread covers for existing stairways. Ergonomic work platform solutions include Safe-T-Stands® which are available in varying heights and raised ergonomic workmats.