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Model No: ZHGQYT-0511

Characteristics and Main Technical Parameters:

This inflatable Lifejacket is designed and manufactured in conformity with European Standard EN396:1993 / A1:1998 and relevant requirements of MSC.81(70). It consists of one air chamber made of TPU nylon composite material an automatic (and manual) inflation device, a CO2 cylinder an oral tube and an outer cover. It also has a whistle attached. This lifejacket is designed to inflate automatically within five seconds when immersed in water. In an emergency situation when falling in to the water, this lifejacket can also be inflated manually by pulling the toggle or by blowing in to the oral tube. Being of low volume, lightweight and ergonomically well designed and easy to use, it is convenient for use in water sports. Do not inflate the lifejacket before immersion.
Type ZHGQYT-0511 and Type ZHGQYT-0521 are CE Certified by Germanischer Lloyd AG.

Weight    : < 1Kg

Buoyancy    :   >150N

Angle in water    : Face Plane angle > 40degree, and trunk angle > 30degree.

Freeboard    : >120mm

Inflation Time   : <5s

Float Duration   : >24h

Buoyancy Loss after 24h  : < 5%

CO2  Weight        : 33g

Important Notes:

  1. Carefully check the Lifejacket before use. The air tightness of the floatation chamber can be checked by mouth inflation through the oral tube. Discard the lifejacket if the air leaks out. After checking make sure you deflate the chamber completely. Do not unscrew the CO2 cylinder or operate the gas unless the air chamber is completely deflated. It will overfill and burst the chamber.
  2. Do not knock or drop the lifejacket from a height.
  3. Do not expose to bright sunlight for extended periods
  4. Avoid contact with oil, acid, alkali and solvents. Do not subject the material to contact with sharp objects, high heat or flame.
  5. The CO2 cylinder and water dissolution capsule are single use devices and must be replaced after each use.
  6. Store in a clean, cool and dry place. Do not subject the lifejacket to compression under heavy weights.
  7. The shelf Life of this lifejacket is three years. The CO2 cylinder charge must be inspected once a year.
  8. A whistle is provided to audibly attract attention when awaiting rescue.

Packing Details:

Quantity : 10pcs in a Carton

Dimension of Carton:
60cm X 35cm X 26cm

Gross Weight : 9.8kg

Net Weight : 9.5kg

Origin: China