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Explosion Proof Working Lamp


Model No                 : IW5100GF

Description             :It has an outstanding axplosionproof and anti-staticelectricityperformances, which ensures that the lamp can be safely used in any flammable and explosive site, It is convenient to carry. Besides hand carriage, it’s optional to carry with waist belt, safety helmet and attach by magnetic force. The strong light reaches 250-300m,Working light, can work more than 10 hours continuously, stronglight and working light can be transfered focused randomly. Thelamp is ensured to resist strong impact (when the operator drops or crashes the lamp, it can still work normally) with superior structuredesign and special materials imported from U.S.A. The no-memory and high-energy battery can be charged at all times, A fully chargedbattery keeps 82% of full capacity within half a year and no less than 50% of full capacity within 2 years. The unique double filaments energy-saving bulb adopts the titanium alloy tungsten filaments imported from Japan and breaks through the limit of the traditional filament technology.It has the specialties of energy saving and high efficiency.

Conforms to           : EN 50014:1997 + Amds 1 & 2, EN50018:2000, EN 50019:2000, EN 50028: 1987 + Amendment 1

Explosionproof Mark      : II 2 G EEx demll CT6, Explosionproof Certificate Number: BAS02ATEX2293X,

Degree of Protective Enclosures            : IP65 Ex R