UNISIGHT Since its devlopment in 1998 Unisight Digital Technologies, Inc. solutions have been implemented to stream video in over 2.6 million analog and IP cameras worldwide, from all industry sectors: gaming, police, retail, hospitality, banking, manufacturing, food, education, healthcare, utilities, logistics and government.


Unisight highly prioritizes client needs, has established outstanding manfacturer relationships and provides product flexibility to help your business attain a strong presence in the security industry.


As technology devlops, so do Unisight's software visionaries, continuing to dedicate their intuitive reasoning and engineering experience to devlop the most versatile security solution available on the market today. Our platform is based on the H.264 codec, the newest hardware compression standard, it is utilized to offer exceptional video quality at a low storage rate, while maximizing bandwidth use.


Specificaly with the newest camera technologies and High Mesa Pixel count - we have adapted Band width Management Technology to maintain the highest quality video stream possible based on the existing customer infrastructure.


A progressive devlopment team, combined with breakthrough technology has created a stable platform fit for mission - critical applications. Unisight Professional and Enterprise versions have been devloped to provide limitless configuration options. Our newest Enterprise release presents a global hybrid monitoring solution offering complete remote access and cofiguration capabilities for true security anywhere.


The NVR Systems are capable of recording up to 512 IP cameras at 30fps per channel, and preview each individual channel independently. Professional or Enterprise NVR Server software and the full - featured NVR Client software are included.


  •                                                  Data CenterServer


The Data Center is the central component of the Unsight Enterprise platform. Its centralized management function allows it to grant user access to multiple other Data Centers and all of the devices. The Data Center manages the Streaming Proxy server which controls the path of data flow over the network and provides the gate way for mobile connectivity. It provides the management and control over digital maps with the E - Map Server as well as both  IP and Physical Analog Alarms through the Alarm Server.


  •                                                Enterprise CMS Station


The Enterprise CMS platform is a dual monitor system that provides complete control of the surveillance system infrastructure. Which includes, main client operation functionality - Live View, Playback and Backup. Operators can act independently or in tandem address multiple simultaneous alarm events. The secondary monitor provides supervisors with a very powerful configuration and control interface. An alternate use of the secound monitor is its ability to display live view and playback video increasing the operators scene awareness.


  •                                                Digital Matrix Server


The Unisight Digital Matrix is a powerful and versatile video wall solution. It is cable of displaying real - time video from multiple geographical locations on the same Video Wall. It offers Drag - n - Drop dynamic matrix schemes as well as all other user friendly features required for displaying all supported video devices.


  •                                                 Smart Phone Client


The Apple iPhone Client and the Android client will allow you to access your surveillance system while on the go.