FLAME SAFE FR Cotton Garments

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FLAME SAFE FR Cotton Garments

FLAME SAFE FR Cotton Garments

About Flamesafe's Maxisoft® Flame Resistant Cotton.

MaxiSoft® FR Cotton is the latest innovation in flame resistant protection utilizing the most tried and proven flame retardant technology. Flamesafe MaxiSoft® FR Cotton sets a new standard in product and process innovation, incorporating environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices with state of the art finishing equipment. MaxiSoft® FR Cotton is Flamesafe’s uncompromising commitment to wearer safety, superior wearer comfort and greater value protective apparel solutions.
The Flamesafe MaxiSoft® engineering process imparts durable flame resistant properties to cotton by producing an invisible, long chain flame retardant polymer, impregnated into the core of every fiber. When flame comes into contact with MaxiSoft® FR cotton, an insulating char is formed with no melting, dripping, smoldering or after glow.
MaxiSoft® FR Cotton retains all the essential comfort features of natural cotton such as air permeability and moisture transmission. MaxiSoft® FR Cotton does not build up static electricity. Knitted MaxiSoft® FR Cotton is the wearer friendly fabric and the best in flame resistant systems for cellulose fibers.
MaxiSoft® flame resistant properties will not be diminished for the wearer life of the garment provided the correct care instructions are followed. After a 50 year history as the completely safe “choice” this very same technology has protected over 40 million people from injury and death by fire since it's introduction and it continues to do so today.


Experience the cool comfort of knitted cotton

Unlike synthetic materials, cotton has excellent air permeability and moisture transmission. It is not subject to static build-up and there is no uncomfortable clinging to the wearers skin.
This is advantageous in high temperature conditions and when garments are worn for extended periods of time. Superior comfort is achieved by allowing the body to breathe naturally. Knitted MaxiSoft® FR Cotton is available in lighter weights and in a number of flexible garment constructions.


Entrapped within the fiber

Since it was first developed in the 1950's, the MaxiSoft® FR process has been subject to continuous improvement.
During processing, the MaxiSoft® flame resistance is implanted inside the core of the cotton fibers. It is then transformed with ammonia gas to form an inert cross-linked polymer which is physically entrapped within the cotton itself. It is this MaxiSoft® FR polymer that gives the fabric its durable flame resistant performance; while maintaining all the natural and physical properties of comfortable cotton.
The MaxiSoft® polymer trapped inside the cotton fibers cannot be removed by washing or dry cleaning, but flame resistant performance may be masked by excessive soiling or soap deposits. Recommended care instructions should be followed to ensure the flame resistant performance lasts for the life of the garment. Chlorine bleaches should never be used during the cleaning process of any flame resistant apparel.

Non-Combustive Behavior

The self-extinguishing solution

When flame comes into contact with MaxiSoft® FR cotton, an insulating char is formed and there is no melting, dripping, smoldering or after glow.
Unlike synthetics, cotton does not melt away from a flame to form a hole, nor does it form a hot sticky residue which can adhere to the skin of the wearer causing burn injury.
In foundry and furnace operations, appropriately constructed MaxiSoft® FR Cotton garments, help to protect the wearer against burn injuries arising from splash by most molten metals (except aluminium and magnesium).
MaxiSoft® FR cotton eliminates the risk of ignition from sparks or flame in welding or cutting operations. The flame resistant properties of MaxiSoft® FR cotton make it appropriate in industries where there is a risk of spillage and ignition of flammable liquids.


Total care for the long life of your garments

To maintain the quality and performance levels of your flame resistant garments, it is imperative the manufacturer's care instructions are adhered to. This will ensure MaxiSoft® FR protection for the life of the garment.
• Durable flame resistant finish
• Washable and dry cleanable
• Do not use soap
• Do not use chlorine bleach
• Wash in synthetic detergents