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We provide rescue assistance devices for effective protection against inhalation of CO, H2S and many toxic gases in the event of a fire.

These rescue devices can be used in and by:
Oil Rigs and Refineries; Gas, Fertilizer Units, Chemical and Petrochemical; Ships, Aircraft, Hotels, Hospitals, Residential and Commercial buildings, Airports, Subways, Fire Rescue, Military, Law enforcement Agencies, First responders or individuals at home.

These devices last 30 minutes to 60 minutes in an effort to give sufficient time for escape, evacuation or rescue to safe location.

ASE 30 + ASE 30A

These are basicallythe same device but packed in soft pouch or hard shell. They are designed to provide a minimum of 30 minutes of filtered breathable air in environments containing at least 19% Oxygen. A 5 part system protects you against Carbon Monoxide/ Hydrogen Cyanide / Hydrogen Chloride / Acrolein / Falling Ash, Radiant Heat or Direct Flame up to 1000 C.

ASE 60 + ASE 60 A

These are exactly the same system device as ASE 30 and ASE 30A in soft pouch or hard shell, but are rated for a minimum of 60 minutes from the time they are put on.

ASE 20B + ASE 30B

Self Rescue Mine Safety Isolated Oxygen Generating Respirator is the same device as ASE 30 but valid for 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. These are housed in a metal container to provide knock resistance and are normally worn on the belt.


Chem - Bio - Smoke - Fire Gas Respirator

WARNING: The foregoing products are designed and intended SOLELY as Emergency Escape Breathing Devices and are NOT intended for use in a contaminated working environment. They are often used by rescue teams and are used solely to protect people that are being rescued in emergency evacuations. They do not provide a previously stored supply of breathing air.

These devices DO NOT manufacture breathable air and can effectively save lives only when the environment contains at least 19% of breathable Oxygen.

Our AFSY30 & HFZY30 EEBD are exactly the same unit - the only difference is the packaging. Both units manufacture breathable air through a chemical recycle process just loke the PBE's found on all commerciar aircraft next to the Fire Extinguisher. They too use the same KO2 - potassium hyperoxide to manufacture breathable air (21% Oxygen / 78% Nitrogen and other non - harmful gases)

The HFZY30 EEBD is a closed system unit similar to an SCBA ( Self - Contained Breathing Apparatus). The HFZY30 EEBD re-generates Breathable Air (21% Oxygen Concentration) Just Like what we are now all breathing in Earth's Atmosphere, through a Chemical Process (KO2).

It is therefore great for use in confined spaces. No need for heavy expensive Air tanks. No chance of secondary explosions due to overheated Air Tanks which could happen with an SCBA NO Maintenance - No Special Fitting required - One Size Fits All. Nose / Mouth piece has been tested / passed and certified by SGS. This same Nose / Mouth Piece is used on ALL of our products.

As this unit is a closed system like the SCBA which is used by Fireman it will protect the wearer against all concentrations (even 100% Concentration) of the following Carbon Monoxide (CO) / Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) / Hydrogen Chloride / (HCL) Acrolein (CH2CHCHO) / Hydrocyanic Acid / Hydrogen Arsenide / Phosgene / Diphosgene / Chlorpicrin Pestmaster / Dichloromethane / Lewsite Gas / Mustard Gas / Sarin / Benzene / Chlorine / Acetone / Alchol Class / Aniline class / Carbon Disulphide / Carbon Tetrachloride / Cloroform / Methyl Bromide Chlorotoluene, Nitroalkaline Ammonia Gas / Sulphur Dioxide / Chlorine Gas / Hydrogen Sulphide / Oxides of Nitrogen Phosgene / Phosphorate or Chlorine organoagricultural chemicals / Radioarerosol / Bacteria aerosol and other Toxic Smoke - Fog - Dust and Gases.


CBRN (Chemical. Biological and Nuclear) full Face Gas Mask


SAFETY CODE COMPLIANT: These products are complaint with and / or have received approvals from the standards drawn by the IMO Resolution No.849,

The China Classification Society Certificate No.GZT03510025,

The European standard EN401 1993,




The Australian & New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1716:1994,

And our factory is ISO9001 Certified.



- All filtering system require a minimum of 17% Oxygen Present in the air for them to Function properly.

- 12,000 parts per million of Carbon Monoxide in the Air ( that is ONLY.012% ) and within 1-3 minutes we as humans will die

- 3 minutes with No. Air / Oxygen and we as Humans will die

- Whether attempting escape or awaiting rescue, would you put on your head, a 10 or 12 year old product that has foam, PVC and Rubber components that can dry up; and feel comfortable enough to rely on it for your safety? Even your SCB's that claim a 10 year life are recertified every 5 years mostly ro renew all such components

- In spite of rendering equal or better protection our products retail for half of what comparable products retail for.

- They are designed to be worn by persons wearing normal prescription glasses



All our products have a 5 year Shelf Life from the Date of Manufacture. For Safety Performance resons we do not Offer Longer periods of time . We wish to provide the Freshest Inventory of these Maintenance Free products to Guarantee Your Protection & Safety.

These systems are designed to be worn by persons seven (7) years and older.


FREE ONE TIME REPLACEMENT ( Excluding ANY & ALL applicable Shipping Costs / Taxes or Duties) Should you use it in an actual Documented Case where Fire / Smoke are or / were present where-upon these units were used to facilitate escape or while awaiting rescue during the 5 year shelf life. Product should be returned to distributor or Ourselves along with a Official Report from Law Enforcement / Fire / Civil Defense / Military Authorities in order to verify its usage in an actual situation where Smoke and / or Fire were present. We will replace them Once during the 5 Years Shelf Life.

We look forward to working together with you as Partners in Saving Lives through our Distributor network Please contact to find our Distributor nearest you.