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The Company provides ‘Head to Toe’ Training in ‘Safety Awareness’ with special emphasis on Fall Arrest (Working at Height) & LOTO (Lockout and Tagout.

This includes instruction in the inspection before use and periodic inspection of
Helmets (Hard Hats)

  • Respirators & Masks
  • Sound Attenuation Devices (Ear plugs, Ear Muffs etc)
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Selection and care of Gloves

Safety shoes

Training is also provided for:

  • Rescue from enclosed spaces with Tripod & Winch
  • Rescue from height where access is limited
  • Inspectors on what to look for during periodic inspection


  • External Audit

The Company also provides external safety equipment audit by our Inspectors to complement the work done by in-house HSE inspectors or for small companies that do not have a special HSE Department.


Awareness Programs:

1.    Awareness Program on Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
2.    Awareness Program on Hand Protection
3.    Awareness Program on Confined safety
4.    Awareness Program on Electrical Hazards
5.    Awareness Program on Fire Fighting
6.    Awareness Program on Hand and Power Tools Work
7.    Awareness Program on Ladder Safety & Preventing Fall
8.    Awareness Program on Respiratory Protection
9.    Awareness Program on welding Safety
10.  Awareness Program on Working at Height
11.  Awareness Program on Eye Protection
12.  Awareness Program on Rope Applications


How to LOTO :

1. Site Surveys

2. Identify the equipment & provide solution

3. Provide Survey Reports for suggested products quantity

4. LOTO Training - about Guidelines, Procedures, Products Knowledge & Practical use of LOTO products.

A photo says a thousand words: Please see our Link to You Tube for some idea of the type of Fall Arrest training we provide