Our Engineering Associates have Installed Laser Cutting Machine , Laser Welding Machine , Laser Marking Machine, Bending Machine and other Fabrication Related Machinery.

We provide services to the customer ranging from:

1] Laser Cutting Services :-
3 Types
Laser Cutting on Plates / Sheets (Max Size 2500 x 5000mm)
Laser Cutting on Rod Tubes / Pipes with Max Dia of 75mm x 1.5 Mtr Length.
Laser Cutting can be done on MS , SS , Copper , Aluminium , Acrylic , Wood , MDF ,etc.
We perform this service on Labour Job Basis or if clients want then finished product including material

2] Laser Welding Services

3] Laser Marking & Engraving Service.

4] Fabrication of Entire Job as per drawing involving Laser Cutting , Welding , Machining , Polishing / Buffing.

Plant in NEW facility in India will be fully functional by April 01, 2016.

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