Spare used crankshaft from a Deutz R BV8M545 Engine

Spare used crankshaft from a Deutz R BV8M545 Engine


We have in stock at our warehouse in Sharjah U. A. E. a spare used crankshaft from a

Deutz R BV8M545 Engine.

This shaft has been inspected by SGS and certified to be in sound serviceable condition.

The details of the Crankshaft are as follows:

Crankshaft for Deutz Marine Engine.

Type : BV8M 545 is from the engine 2 999 533-540.

Original part no 02912760 for engines up to 50% turbo charged,

Which is duly inspected by SGS India Ltd.

The SGS inspection report details are as follows:

1. Markings:

46 - 1548 (ME) (ME)

41398 DEUTZ


BV 895


267470 Z1 N11 152 N


2) Measurements

i) Dia. of Journal (A) 219.92 to 219.97 mm

ii) Dia. of Journal (B) 219.89 to 219.96 mm

iii) Dia. Of Crank Pin (A) 209.92 to 209.96mm

iv) Dia. Of Crank Pin (B) 209.91 to 209.97mm

v) Crank Pin width (without bearing) 132 mm

3. Alignment of the shaft found straight.

4. The dimensions found standard and not machined.

5. Acceptable minimum scoring marking on pins.

6. All pins were polished and good order.

7.Ultrasonic test, particularly on journals and pins.

The results of inspection were satisfactory.

If of interest please contact me at the above address by e-mail, fax, phone or mobile.